Thursday, 22 March 2012

Tevez is back in the game with a huge impact and helping City to defeat Chelsea

It was hard to believe what Manchester City Manager Roberto Mancini said about Carlos Tevez after refusing to warm up in the Champions League against the Germany side Bayern Munich last year in Germany.

Today,the manager has welcome the Argentine striker back to the first team and he said Tevez is still the best as he was before.

The Argentine strike went AWOL and he was suspended by the team by breaking the teams rules and heading back home without the team's permission.But later he realise that his career is more important and returned back to London to re-establish his career.Before heading back to City during the transfer window,teams like AC Millan,PSG showed interest but the money demanded by City on the player saw the deal not to be successful.

Mancini made his mind and gave the Argentine striker a comeback after a long time without being in the first team,against The Blues(Chelsea) in the Barclay's Premier League.Tevez came as a sub and made an impact that saw him create a goal to keep City in touch with defending champions Manchester United in the League.The Argentine has added value in the City squad that is chasing for honours after a very long time without winning the league and this will give the Italian manager(Mancini) a headache in selecting his striking powers because he has the likes of Dzeko,Aguero and Balloteli.

Possibilities to keep him in the first team:
  • He's good and speedy
  • He has the ability to perform miracles with his individual strength
  • Good on taking defenders and a good goalscorer
  • Hard worker
What a good striker he is,he got strength and potential to change the game.Today Tevez is back in the game to give defenders hard time and help his team clinch the title from their arch rivals.Dream start for him as he got his chance to prove to the manager that he's a quality player and ready to compete for position and find himself in the starting eleven.

What else can you say about his quality?


  1. Welcome back Tevez.I think he will never repeat what he did.Being a better striker does not mean you have to behave in an appalling manner,so they taught him a lesson after suspending him.

    1. You will never predict a footballer's attitude they just change when they dont like their manager but i hope this was a lesson learnt by Tevez.

  2. although he is a talented player but he must always bare in mind that he's not beyond team's rules and policies.lets hope he return is going to be crazy one (in terms of scoring).

  3. Tevez is acting unprofessional of which is a bad exampler to his followers, lastly he had a dispute with a French defender Patrice Evra and that lead him into another bad image. Lets hope now he will be a changed person and behave good.

  4. what Roberto did was good to show that is not only coach in the field and also giving prayers positive mentality towards their behaviuor, Tevez will not do such thing again he saw his mistakes and you know football players do gradual mistakes just to spoil out their