Thursday, 4 October 2012

Public Relations For Soccer Teams

EASY AND SIMPLE:One the Public Relations sho-
wing some soccer skills to the future soccerstars.
Public relations for professional and amateur soccer teams at the higher level is not is easy as it might seem. The sports channels are filled with baseball, basketball, football and other popular sports. Even a golf tournament will take priority in the time slot on a major sports news network. Public relations for soccer teams in the United States of America is a lot different than it might be in other countries where soccer is the most popular sport and where football (our type), basketball and baseball are somewhat nonexistent.
Public relations for a soccer team should include community goodwill, autograph signing and promotion of the game of soccer itself. It is important to have constant communication with all major media outlets and promote the soccer players as the epitome of sportsmen with good sportsmanship, no drugs and good old family values. Luckily for soccer teams this is not too difficult because most all the soccer players are dedicated athletes and are not taking steroids.
Things needs to be consider as PR in soccer:
  • Preparation is key
  • Never underestimate an opponent(or a reporter)
  • Hone the fundamentals
  • It's all about the team.
DEDICATION:Public Relations Professionals for so-
ccer teams.
This does not mean that public relations for soccer teams is easy, as it is hardly easy. However, public relations for professional and amateur soccer teams is not utterly impossible if the publicity team and public-relations specialists understand how things work. Promoting the individual players as superstars will go a long way to promoting the game of soccer and the professional team itself. It also brings more people to watch the games and uplifts the game of soccer in the world.

Every business needs publicity and a person who will stand by their side to build the good image of it to the publics. Good teams with good Public Relations.

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Zimbabwe suspends 80 footballers as part of 'Asiagate' match-fixing probe

HARARE BOYS: Zimbabwe national team players
National team players alleged to have taken bribes to throw matches played in Malaysia, Vietnam and Thailand.
Eighty Zimbabwean footballers have been suspended because of alleged involvement in Asian betting syndicates linked to match-fixing.
The country's sports minister said football was "riddled with corruption", and called for politics to be rooted out of the sport.The players, including leading members of the national team, are alleged to have taken bribes to throw friendly matches between 2007 and 2009.The Zimbabwe Football Association (Zifa) has set up an independent ethics committee to investigate the alleged fixing, which it believes took place when the national team played in Malaysia, Vietnam and Thailand.
NOT YET UNITED:Zimbabwe flag

The games were not part of any competition. In fact, it is now suspected they were arranged specifically for the purpose of betting. The scandal has been dubbed "Asiagate" by the Zimbabwean press.Jonathan Mashingaidze, chief executive of Zifa, told the state-owned Herald newspaper: "Every player who was mentioned in the 'Asiagate' report, regardless of how many matches played, are suspended and will only be cleared by the ethics committee and, for now, they are not eligible for selection in any national duty commitments.

"We are saying everyone involved in Asiagate should step aside until the case has been finalised. There shouldn't be favouritism. We are not convicting them and we are not saying clubs should convict them as yet."Obviously this will affect Zimbabwe's performance in the short term but football has been riddled with corruption and that must be one of reasons why we haven't performed as well as we should."
The player suspensions are likely to affect Zimbabwe's bid to qualify for the 2013 Africa Cup of Nations. Matches started in February, with Zimbabwe looking to lead the group to qualify.
The Herald reported that the 80 blacklisted players include:
  • Ovidy Karuru
  •  Zhaimu Jambo
  • Washington Arubi
  •  Daniel Vheremu
  •  Khama Billiat
  •  Gilbert Mapemba
  •  Willard Katsande
  •  Thomas Sweswe
  •  Method Mwanjali and Edward Sadomba.
The players are dispersed around the world. They can continue playing club football although a ban could be imposed by Fifa if they are found guilty by Zifa's ethics committee.Zimbabwe is already under investigation by the world football governing body.Its chief executive, Sepp Blatter, warned during a visit to Harare last year that players and officials found guilty of graft would face life bans.
It's sad for the players involved because they were just pawns in a wider political game. This is what happens when football and politics collide in a corrupt, autocratic regime.

Thursday, 20 September 2012

No power no control Issues between PSL/NFD

Nearly twenty-five years ago,in March 1987 National Soccer League announced the names of 17 clubs to form first non-racial Second division.Today the National First Division is having the number of sixteen teams that compete for promotion in the PSL.


The Premier Soccer League is facing an embarrassment as the National First Division(NFD) clubs have vowed not to fulfil the fixtures to start the games.

PSL and NFD currently locked in a meeting discussing the way forward for the first division and possibly see their fixtures begin as soon as possible.

The league was scheduled to start on the weekend of September 14 but did not,due to what NFD teams called misrepresentation of issues relating to grants and prize monies.

"We are not playing as per the resolution adopted.The possibility of us playing is close to nothing",said NFD representative and African Warriors chairperson Jabu Khumalo.

Khumalo also says that the public are interpreting the NFD situation,saying there is no truth that the NFD wants to split from PSL,rather that they simply want more power in the running of the league.

Issues causing conflicts between PSL/NFD
  • Lack of communication
  • No enough power to the NFD board members
  • NFD treated unfairly when it comes decisions making
  • No enough financially support from the PSL
This matter is not good for the South African football as they(NFD teams) all want to be on top to compete for positions and gain promotions to the PSL.

All we need is a clean management that will build the First National Division to keep up the big competition in the PSL.
Love,Peace and Happiness for South African football.

What's your say on this issue,should NFD stands on its own and make decisions or work together with the PSL?

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Brazil is ready to host the 2014 FIFA World Cup Introducing the mascot

AMAZING:Armadillo the mascot of Brazil 2014.
At  the last World Cup,in 2010 in South Africa,it was Zakumi the green-haired leopard.The mascot in Germany four years earlier was a lion named Goleo.Now Brazil has reported picked an armadillo.

The world football governing body Fifa on Tuesday registered with the European Patent Office the next playful symbol of the world's supreme sporting event:a smiling armadillo whose name will be picked through and Internet vote.
 The three-banded armadillo-known as a"tatu-bola" in Brazil-is an endangered species.

The decision to make the armadillo the mascot was backed by the Caatinga Association,a NGO whose mission is to protect the biodiversity of north-eastern Brazil.

the World soccer Cup-2014 mascot.
The armadillo was chosen ahead of the puma as well as the"Saci",a character in Brazilian folklore that was the preferred choice of Brazilian sports minister Aldo Rebelo.

WELCOME:The statue of Brazil's capital
 Rio De Janeiro
The Tolypeutes tricinctus,or tatu-bola as it is known in Portuguese,is an endangered mammal native to Brazil.It is characterised by its ability to roll into the shape of a ball under a leathery shell as a mode of self defence.

Brazil has made it clear that they are ready to host the world tournament.By doing so,they showed further more steps to the preparation of the event.

And animals look to have set a stage for them as they are used in the world best tournament(FIFA World cups) in recent years.
Animals have been used:
  • Leopard in South Africa(2010)
  • Lion in Germany(2006)
Is Brazil ready to host the event or is just the speculations of how the event is going to be like?

Thursday, 23 August 2012

The World Football Favourites Tournament(FIFA) To Celebrate the 20th of Existance in 2014 Brazil

World Cup Champions since
The only football tournament that bring the world together is to make history in 2014.FIFA World Cup is to be the 20th FIFA World Cup,an international tournament association football tournament that is scheduled to take place in  Brazil from 12 June to 13 July 2014.

Brazil will be hosting this competition for the second time,the first being the 1950 FIFA World Cup.Brazil will be the fifth country to have been hosted the FIFA World Cup twice,after Mexico,Italy,France and Germany.This competition will be the first to be held in Southern America since the 1978 FIFA World Cup in Argentine,is the first time two consecutive  World Cups are staged outside Europe and the first time two consecutive  World Cups  are held in the Southern Hemisphere(the 2010 FIFA World Cup was held in South Africa).

The FIFA World Cup,often simply the World Cup is an international association football competition contested by the senior men's national teams of the members of Federation International Football Association(FIFA),the sport's global governing body.The championship has been awarded every four years since the official position of the tournament in 1930,except in 1942 and 1946 when it was not held due the Second World War.The current champions Spain won the 2012 tournament.

THE HOST NATION:Flag indicating
Brazil as the 2014 World Cup host
The current format of the tournament involves 32 teams competing for the title at venues within the host nation(s) over the period of about a month,this phase called is often called World Cup Finals.A qualification phase which currently takes place over the preceding three years,is used to to determine which teams qualify for the tournament together with the host nation(s)

The 19 World Cup tournament have been won by eight different national teams:
  • Brazil have won three time,and they are the only team to have played in every tournament
  • Italy have won four times
  • Germany have won three times
  • Argentine have won two time
  • Uruguay have won two time
  • England,France and Spain with one title each.
The World Cup is the world's most widely viewed sporting event and the most tournament that brings the world together to stand as one thing.

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Fabrice Muamba has announced he will retire from football due to illness

It came as a surprise but he had no choice than to save his life.It follows his heart attack in last  season;s FA Cup against Tottenham Hotspurs.

The 24 year-old Congolese born had previously spoken of his determination to resume his career after his incredible recovery from the collapse which left him effectively dead for 78 minutes.But he has now bowed to medical advice from many specialists.

EARLY RETIREMENT: Fabrice Muamba has announced his
retirement from football.
Muamba has been described by sources close to him as''shattered'' that he will not be able to continue playing football at all.But after consultations with England and Pedro Brugada the Belgium-base cardiologist,the former England Under 21 midfielder has retired.Muamba said:"As part of my ongoing recovery,last week I travelled to Belgium to seek further medical advice from a leading cardiologist.But the news I received was obviously not what I had hoped it would be,and it means I am now announcing my retirement".
"Football has been my life since I was teenage boy and it has given me so many opportunities.Since suffering from my heart and being discharged from hospital,I have remained utterly positive in the belief I could one day resume my playing career and playing for Bolton Wanderers".
  • A great lose for Bolton and the entire football family
  • Young and gifted but illness forced him to hangup his boots
    TEAM FLAG: Bolton Wanderers flag:
  • A dream shutdown for him as he hoped to resume his playing career.
A benefit game for Muamba is also a possibility,with the player attracting widespread support from the global football community.

Lets stand by our players and give them the support they need in good times and bad times.

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Issues in football's players' agents and principles they need to follow

Football may be the world most favourite sport but it has its own problems when it comes to players' agents.

FIFA has been regulating the activity of players' agent since 1991.At the time anyone wishing to become an agent was required to have a personal interview of his or her relevant football association before FIFA would issue the licence.In addition,a bank guarantee of 200,00 Swiss Fracs was required to be lodged with FIFA by the successful applicant.

Nothing but trouble with the players' agents.The regulations in place today have tried to define the requirements to become a players' agent and monitor relevant professional competence.FIFA has also limited the period of validity of the players' agents licence and attempted to promote reasonable players' agents' fees,whilst trying to restrict the activities of unlicensed players' agent.

  • Application of regulations to players and clubs that engage the services of intermediaries
  • Intermediaries having no links to FIFA
  • Written contracts between intermediaries and clubs/players
  • Conflict of interest
  • A registration system for intermediaries(implemented by the member associations and through information provided by their affiliate clubs and/or registered players)
  • Non payment of commission to intermediaries if player is a minor
  • Invalidation of current FIFA Players' Agent Regulations.
TOP AGENT:Tim Suzuki.
Players are people like everyone and they deserve the best for what they work for in the field of play without being treated like slaves.

Do you think players' agents are treating players well as their representatives?

Thursday, 2 August 2012


The Premier  Soccer League announced that tickets for the MTN8 quarterfinals fixture are officially on sale and football fans can now book their seats.

Tickets price will be R40.00 adults while children under the age of 12 will pay R10.00.They can be purchased at Computicket outlets and Shoprite/Checkers countrywide.

PSL acting CEO,Cambridge Mokanyane says this year's competition promises to be a great spectacle.
"I know that football fans have been waiting for the kick-off of the 2012/2013 season with bated breath.As the PSL,we are equally excited about what we hope will be a thrilling MTN8 competition.We therefore urge our supporters to go and purchase their tickets on time,"Mokanyane said.

EXCITED: SA Football fans during the ann-
ouncement of the MTN8 fixtures.

  • Defending MTN8 champions,Orlando Pirates will kick-off their defence against Bloemfontein Celtic at the Orlando Stadium on Friday.
  • On Saturday,Super Sport United will host the tricky Free State Stars at the Peter Mokaba Stadium in Polokwane.
  • On Sunday,Mamelodi Sundowns will take on Kaizer Chiefs at Pretoria's Loftus Stadium.
  • Again on Sunday the Dube birds(Moroka Swallows) will play against AmaZulu at the Volkswagen Debsonville Stadium in Soweto.

The question is,who will be crowned the MTN8 champions?

Thursday, 3 May 2012

The power of football

South African football fans

Football has brought unity in all nations where you find many of people taking part in it.It has diversity of cultures,genders and race.

Back then football  it was recommended as men's game but today it is a different story,it is catering for all,men and women.The power of football has brought changes in people's perceptions about it especially those who didn't have  much interest.
Looking on the power houses of football,England,Germany,Spain,Brazil,France,Argentine and Portugal.These countries are leading the ranks in world by the way they are supporting football.

In England(the mother land of football) football is the best sport that everyone enjoy most and all the nation has come together by the name of football.Its league has been recommended as the best in the world and that has prove in recent years that it is the best.Many players they wish to play in the English Premier League all over the world.

England women and children football fans

The whole world today is singing the same song(football) and it has brought unity the the world's continent.
Things that brings the world together:
  • FIFA World Cup
  • Confederations Cup
  • Olympics Games
Continental tournaments:
  • Africa Cup of Nations
  • Asian Cup
  • Copa America
  • Euro 
We have seen too much improvement in football and we are hoping to see more in the next coming years.Equality,mutual understanding,respect and unity.

In the name of football we unite.

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Top favourites Real Madrid and Barcelona suffer an early exits.

TAKE IT CHELSEA:Lionel Messi of Barcelona
The world top favourites to reach the finals of
European champions league has suffered a surprise exits.It was written on people's mind that the two will meet in the finals but it wasn't it at the end of the semifinals.

Barcelona has out played their opponents,Chelsea but it wasn't good enough to see them reach the finals in Munich on the 19th of May.Barcelona had the most in ball possession compared to Chelsea but they couldn't convert their chances.

Tough battle it was but Chelsea have stacked to their basics of dealing with defending champions style of play.Chelsea strategy saw the Barca players frustrated in dealing with the ten men Chelsea after captain John Terry got a red card.

The champions saw themselves eliminated in the champions league  second leg in front of their fans.Now Barca have no chance to lift a trophy after a defeat in the weekend's Clasico against Madrid.

O MY GOSH:Christiano Ronaldo of Real Madrid
On Wednesday another Spanish giant(Madrid) suffered a home defeat against Bayern Munich,who went to Spain with a 2-1 win in the 1st leg.Madrid suffered a shock defeat on penalty shootout against the four-time Champions of European Soccer's top club tournament,who are now reaching the finals for the second time in three seasons.

Madrid were outstanding but not doing well on the penalty shootout to book a place in the finals.

What these two teams have:
  • quality players
  • they play good football
  • plenty of supporters
  • record breakers,CR7 Ronaldo(Madrid) and Lionel Messi(Barcelona)
Watch out for the finals:Bayern Munich vs Chelsea at Allianz Arena stadium in Germany,19 May 2012

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Maritzburg United end Chiefs title hopes

Maritzburg United players celebreting(

Maritzburg United has ended Chiefs title hopes after defeating them 1-0 on Tuesday 17 April 2012,at Peter Mokaba Stadium in Polokwane,Limpopo province.

The team of choice has done their homework and putting to much pressure on the glamour boys to get their important three points to stay away from the relegation battle with a different approach that payed the dividens at the end of the game.

It was a nice return of Maritzburg coach,Ernst Middendorp at Peter Mokaba Stadium,the venue where he and his former team Golden Arrows,caused a lot of complications in the Amakhosi camp back in September.

United made it clearly to the bottom clubs that they are willing to keep their status in the top league.They played well but it was on Chiefs side who wanted the win most to keep in touch to the log leaders.Maritzburg got their first away win all season at Peter Mokaba by defeating Chiefs.

The only goal that separated both teams came from the Zimbabwean striker Cuthbert Malajila on the 74th minutes.In the cause of the game Chiefs had a penalty decision turned down in the second half, a similar one to what Maritzburg had in the first half.

Chiefs had all their chances to win the game but they couldn't convert them and also failing impress under the new coaching staff Donald(Ace) Khuse,Doctor(16v) Khumalo and Arthur(10111) Zwane.This will be the worst season for the glamour boys ending it without a trophy.

Big up for the team of choice,keeping their hopes alive and possible to end the current season in the top flight football.Maritzburg will prove a point to the teams that are still going to play them in the remaining games after a positive results the got against Chiefs.

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Sundowns and Pirates are on the race to clinch the PSL title

Orlando Pirates logo
On monday 9-04-2012,Orlando Pirates beat the religation strugglers Jomo Cosmos 2-1 at Orlando stadium to keep their hope of defending the title.
Pirates were too strong for Cosmos where they managed to grab the three ponts in the last minutes of day to keep on the run of winning the Premier Soccer League title.The win gave the soweto giant hopes of deffending their title and putting pressure on the Brazillians.

Pirates has been doing well since the dismisal of their head coach,the Brazillian born Julio Leal.
Good things about Pirates at the moment:
  • They have good character in the field of play
  • They show determination of winning as a team
  • They respect their opponents
  • They have good quality players who are willing to win

Mamelodi Sundowns logo

While their counter part Mamelodi Sundowns are showing the determination of winning the title this season as it has being long for them to win something.Mamelodi Sundowns played Limpopo side Black Leopards at Peter Mokaba on Wednesday night to keep their title hopes alive by beating them with the same score as Pirates(2-1).

Sundowns despite spending too much cash in the previous seasons buying players,their are determined to change all that by winning the title and making their supporters happy.They want to make a double this season after qualifying in the quarter finals of the Nedbank Cup.

This gives to much pressure on both teams sharing the same points with Sundowns having a better goal difference on Pirates.The questions who is going to be the last standing at the end of the season?

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Road to Munich looks wide open for Chelsea and Real Madrid

On Tuesday night 27 March,Chelsea and Real Madrid took the advantage in the first leg of Champions league by grabbing themselves an away goals.

Chelsea who are under performing in the premier league took and advantage from the Portuguese side Benfica on Tuesday by defeating them 1-0 on the first leg and grabbing the away goal which is a positive result for London's club.

The game had a lot of missed chances from the first half and they went to the break 0-0 showing that all the teams wanted to win but lack of finishing let them down.Thanks to the Ivorian Kalou who converted from Torres cross to give the Blues a chance of making it to the semi finals.

Chelsea will want to prove that they are still the best even though their chance of qualifying for next season's champions league are very slim and winning it is what can set a positive mind to the players.

Real Madrid showed their potential by making it difficult for Apoel in the last twenty minutes of the second half after the game seemed as it was going to end with a 0-0 draw.Madrid had a tough opponents but they manage to impress their fans by winning the game in the last minutes.The introduction of the two Brazilians gave the Spanish giant a 3-0 win to book themselves a place in the semis with a margin of three away goals coming from Benzima(2) and Kaka(1).

Real who are the log leaders in LaLiga,are challenging for double under the Portuguese coach Jose Mourinho.The special one is expecting his team to do well in both league and champions league as he did in the past with different clubs around Europe.

This is an opportunity for the big clubs left in the quarter finals to prove their worth in making it to the finals that will be held in Munich,Germany.But the question is who will be in the finals?

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Tevez is back in the game with a huge impact and helping City to defeat Chelsea

It was hard to believe what Manchester City Manager Roberto Mancini said about Carlos Tevez after refusing to warm up in the Champions League against the Germany side Bayern Munich last year in Germany.

Today,the manager has welcome the Argentine striker back to the first team and he said Tevez is still the best as he was before.

The Argentine strike went AWOL and he was suspended by the team by breaking the teams rules and heading back home without the team's permission.But later he realise that his career is more important and returned back to London to re-establish his career.Before heading back to City during the transfer window,teams like AC Millan,PSG showed interest but the money demanded by City on the player saw the deal not to be successful.

Mancini made his mind and gave the Argentine striker a comeback after a long time without being in the first team,against The Blues(Chelsea) in the Barclay's Premier League.Tevez came as a sub and made an impact that saw him create a goal to keep City in touch with defending champions Manchester United in the League.The Argentine has added value in the City squad that is chasing for honours after a very long time without winning the league and this will give the Italian manager(Mancini) a headache in selecting his striking powers because he has the likes of Dzeko,Aguero and Balloteli.

Possibilities to keep him in the first team:
  • He's good and speedy
  • He has the ability to perform miracles with his individual strength
  • Good on taking defenders and a good goalscorer
  • Hard worker
What a good striker he is,he got strength and potential to change the game.Today Tevez is back in the game to give defenders hard time and help his team clinch the title from their arch rivals.Dream start for him as he got his chance to prove to the manager that he's a quality player and ready to compete for position and find himself in the starting eleven.

What else can you say about his quality?

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Soweto Derby On The Way

For the love of the game,check out the big teams of mzansi (Kaizer Chiefs and Orlando Pirates) up against each other on Saturday,17 March 2012 at FNB Stadium-15h30.It's all about pride and making their supporters happy,whether is going to be a draw,win for The Sea Robbers or The Glamour Boys.

It has been ups and downs in both camps recently
Bucs camp:the conflicts in bucs camp led to the suspension of Brazilian mentor Julio Leal and to be replaced by the development coach Augusto Palacios.Leal's job did not work out as he was expected after taking over the Dutch man Ruud Krol,but managed to win them two major trophies.Now is up to caretaker coach Palacios to work his divided  dressing room.

Chiefs camp:it has been talks from chiefs camp since the removal of Jimmy Tau as team captain to be replaced by mzansi's finest Itumeleng Khune.Senior players are really not happy with the way things are and how the Serbian(Vladimir Vermezovic) is handling the team.The conflicts in the Glamour Boys dressing room led the Serbian to rely more on the younger stars and sees some of the senior players sitting in the side line.

Going to the game from their last match actions
Amakhosi last played a professional match at the beginning of the month,with the Glamour Boys seeing off the Cape Town All Stars to book their place in the Nedbank Cup last 16.Due to the postponed of the Nedbank Cup game between  Ajax Cape Town and Amazulu saw Chiefs not playing midweek as they were supposed to play against Ajax Cape Town in the league game.

Chiefs are set to return in action against Soweto rivals Pirates, who played against eThekwini Coastal in the last-32 on Saturday and played the Cape side Santos at Athlone stadium on Wednesday.

Orlando Pirates will be looking to fix their mistakes committed against Santos on Wednesday if they are to have a chance winning Saturday's derby against the Kaizer Chiefs.

Watch out......who want to rule Soweto?

Thursday, 8 March 2012

FIFA drop Blatter allegations

FIFA have rejected calls from the Coucil of Europe for Sepp Blatter's unopposed re-election as president to be investigated.

Blatter,75,won the FIFA presidential election unopposed in June last year following the withdrawal of rival Mohammed Bin Hammam,who was later banned from the organisation for life after being found guilty of bribery.

Switzerland born,Blatter has been in the office of FIFA president since 1998, and that time has been subject of several allegations of corruption and abuse of power.

The Council of Europe,an independent legal and democratic advisory body,called this week for FIFA to investigate whether the candidates in the recent election for president and together with the FIFA president(Blatter)-exploited their institutional positions to obtain unfair advantages of themselves or for potential voters.

The council also suggested that FIFA should publish full story of judical and other documents relating to past corruption allegations,and full light of the facts underlying the various scandals which,in recent years have ternished its image and that international football.

Of specific concern to the Council is FIFA's former marketing arm International Sports and Leisure,which has closed due to bankruptcy in 2001.

The Council of Europe had a meeting last week with Swiss prosecutor Thomas Hildbrand,who led the a court case against the ISL executive charged with financial mismanagement.

FIFA have rejected any claims against Blatter for impropriety and stood by their own proposals for internal reforms.All charges against Blatter were dismissed in full by the Ethics Committee after they found that the are no code of ethics that has been committed.

Regarding the process of reform,a clear road map has been established and published by FIFA and several task forces as well as an indepedent governance committee are working on proposal that will be presented at the FIFA executive committee at the end of March 2012.

The governing body also claimed there were certain inaccuracies in the Council of Europe's motion for a FIFA investigation.