Thursday, 27 September 2012

Zimbabwe suspends 80 footballers as part of 'Asiagate' match-fixing probe

HARARE BOYS: Zimbabwe national team players
National team players alleged to have taken bribes to throw matches played in Malaysia, Vietnam and Thailand.
Eighty Zimbabwean footballers have been suspended because of alleged involvement in Asian betting syndicates linked to match-fixing.
The country's sports minister said football was "riddled with corruption", and called for politics to be rooted out of the sport.The players, including leading members of the national team, are alleged to have taken bribes to throw friendly matches between 2007 and 2009.The Zimbabwe Football Association (Zifa) has set up an independent ethics committee to investigate the alleged fixing, which it believes took place when the national team played in Malaysia, Vietnam and Thailand.
NOT YET UNITED:Zimbabwe flag

The games were not part of any competition. In fact, it is now suspected they were arranged specifically for the purpose of betting. The scandal has been dubbed "Asiagate" by the Zimbabwean press.Jonathan Mashingaidze, chief executive of Zifa, told the state-owned Herald newspaper: "Every player who was mentioned in the 'Asiagate' report, regardless of how many matches played, are suspended and will only be cleared by the ethics committee and, for now, they are not eligible for selection in any national duty commitments.

"We are saying everyone involved in Asiagate should step aside until the case has been finalised. There shouldn't be favouritism. We are not convicting them and we are not saying clubs should convict them as yet."Obviously this will affect Zimbabwe's performance in the short term but football has been riddled with corruption and that must be one of reasons why we haven't performed as well as we should."
The player suspensions are likely to affect Zimbabwe's bid to qualify for the 2013 Africa Cup of Nations. Matches started in February, with Zimbabwe looking to lead the group to qualify.
The Herald reported that the 80 blacklisted players include:
  • Ovidy Karuru
  •  Zhaimu Jambo
  • Washington Arubi
  •  Daniel Vheremu
  •  Khama Billiat
  •  Gilbert Mapemba
  •  Willard Katsande
  •  Thomas Sweswe
  •  Method Mwanjali and Edward Sadomba.
The players are dispersed around the world. They can continue playing club football although a ban could be imposed by Fifa if they are found guilty by Zifa's ethics committee.Zimbabwe is already under investigation by the world football governing body.Its chief executive, Sepp Blatter, warned during a visit to Harare last year that players and officials found guilty of graft would face life bans.
It's sad for the players involved because they were just pawns in a wider political game. This is what happens when football and politics collide in a corrupt, autocratic regime.

Thursday, 20 September 2012

No power no control Issues between PSL/NFD

Nearly twenty-five years ago,in March 1987 National Soccer League announced the names of 17 clubs to form first non-racial Second division.Today the National First Division is having the number of sixteen teams that compete for promotion in the PSL.


The Premier Soccer League is facing an embarrassment as the National First Division(NFD) clubs have vowed not to fulfil the fixtures to start the games.

PSL and NFD currently locked in a meeting discussing the way forward for the first division and possibly see their fixtures begin as soon as possible.

The league was scheduled to start on the weekend of September 14 but did not,due to what NFD teams called misrepresentation of issues relating to grants and prize monies.

"We are not playing as per the resolution adopted.The possibility of us playing is close to nothing",said NFD representative and African Warriors chairperson Jabu Khumalo.

Khumalo also says that the public are interpreting the NFD situation,saying there is no truth that the NFD wants to split from PSL,rather that they simply want more power in the running of the league.

Issues causing conflicts between PSL/NFD
  • Lack of communication
  • No enough power to the NFD board members
  • NFD treated unfairly when it comes decisions making
  • No enough financially support from the PSL
This matter is not good for the South African football as they(NFD teams) all want to be on top to compete for positions and gain promotions to the PSL.

All we need is a clean management that will build the First National Division to keep up the big competition in the PSL.
Love,Peace and Happiness for South African football.

What's your say on this issue,should NFD stands on its own and make decisions or work together with the PSL?

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Brazil is ready to host the 2014 FIFA World Cup Introducing the mascot

AMAZING:Armadillo the mascot of Brazil 2014.
At  the last World Cup,in 2010 in South Africa,it was Zakumi the green-haired leopard.The mascot in Germany four years earlier was a lion named Goleo.Now Brazil has reported picked an armadillo.

The world football governing body Fifa on Tuesday registered with the European Patent Office the next playful symbol of the world's supreme sporting event:a smiling armadillo whose name will be picked through and Internet vote.
 The three-banded armadillo-known as a"tatu-bola" in Brazil-is an endangered species.

The decision to make the armadillo the mascot was backed by the Caatinga Association,a NGO whose mission is to protect the biodiversity of north-eastern Brazil.

the World soccer Cup-2014 mascot.
The armadillo was chosen ahead of the puma as well as the"Saci",a character in Brazilian folklore that was the preferred choice of Brazilian sports minister Aldo Rebelo.

WELCOME:The statue of Brazil's capital
 Rio De Janeiro
The Tolypeutes tricinctus,or tatu-bola as it is known in Portuguese,is an endangered mammal native to Brazil.It is characterised by its ability to roll into the shape of a ball under a leathery shell as a mode of self defence.

Brazil has made it clear that they are ready to host the world tournament.By doing so,they showed further more steps to the preparation of the event.

And animals look to have set a stage for them as they are used in the world best tournament(FIFA World cups) in recent years.
Animals have been used:
  • Leopard in South Africa(2010)
  • Lion in Germany(2006)
Is Brazil ready to host the event or is just the speculations of how the event is going to be like?